DFA Pack (And all the addons)

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Latest version ~ v5.4.2 ~ Work-in-progress ~ Early Access

This mod includes a detailed and very customizable set of trucks from 1988-2006.
These trucks are based on GM but they are not actually GM trucks. It's a parody of GM.
It's all modified D-Series but it's nothing like your typical truck meshslap.

By purchasing this, you get lifetime access to anything DFA related, including all future updates, content and fixes.
Not technically DFA related, but you also get access to my random parts pack.

For more information on the mod and lore, check out these sites:

Main SiteWikiCredits

Keep in mind, this mod is WIP and some parts such as the Cat/800 parts are outdated compared to the newer OBS/400 but the Cat platform will get a final remaster to bring it up to the level of the 400.

Please DO NOT ask for any dates because as a modder (any of us) we cannot accurately predict when something will be done, what will happen between now and then or when we will be satisfied with something enough to release it to anyone.


  • 200+ Configs
  • 60+ Truck Accessories
  • 25 Different facelifts (Grilles)
  • 10+ Engines with in-depth tunability & visual customization
  • 400/OBS Cabs, Beds and and facelift parts (Has the most parts and customizability)
  • 800/Cat Cabs, Beds and facelift parts
  • Extra content, such as the SUV bodies and Landslide (although unfinished)
  • Very detailed
  • Very customizable interior & exterior
  • Most parts are jbeamed, but not all as I didn't learn jbeam until over half way into dev
  • Semi-regular updates (Until I finish it)
  • Mod Progress and Support in discord server
  • Mod is worked on almost everyday
  • Keep in mind, some stuff either still needs work and is unfinished, or is from the OG DFA and is outdated but don't let those things overshadow the vast amount of versatility, customization and detail
This product is not currently for sale.

2GB of truck content, including over 800 selectable parts, 200+ configs and a lot more!

BeamNG v0.30 Only
Work in Progress - Early Access
Total Configs
Last Updated
September 21, 2023
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DFA Pack (And all the addons)

100 ratings